Why Solviro

  • unique ip that alleviates the need to wait for fuel cells to become financially viable and sold economically.
  • a safe patented Solution to utilise Hydrogen as a fuel for vehicles and to create power and heat for your home and business.
  • compatible with existing transportation and infrastructures.
  • emissions.
  • deliverable cost savings.
  • a sustainable fuel and resource ability to use either Clean, Grey or Black water.
  • deliverable for new projects, creates opportunity to reduce infrastructure cost.

Business Concept

Think outside the box and do not reinvent the wheel

Partner with reliable manufacturers, suppliers and intellectual educational organisations
Be flexible in accommodating customers needs and potential business partners
Design new parts when needed, adapt existing whenever possible
Invest into Research & Development to enable export into overseas markets
Protect all IP
Use available marketing opportunities through existing and new opportunities via Online Mediums, Media and Press