An alternative use for H2O,

the world's most abundant free resource

Why it Matters

The demand on the worlds natural resources is becoming even more challenging, pollution represents a major problem and our future generations at risk.
Be part of a alternative safe solution to the existing problem with our Unique IP (patented) and Products.

Opportunities (UK)

36.7 Million Existing Vehicles,
2.63 Million new Vehicles registered year on year (2016 HMGov)
25 Million
Residential Houses,
1.2 Million needed
in next 5 years
13.7 Million General Commercial Premises,
10,100 Large Scale Industrial Factories
Hotels Leisure, Farming. Water Vessels commercial and sport

Health and Safety

Current USA legislation has prohibited the creation of localised Hydrogen due to its explosive and flammable nature in enclosed uncontrolled environments. The USA legislated to stop the use of hydrogen Generators specifically in Vehicles due to no acceptable safety solutions.
  • Our developed unique IP (patented) makes the use of Hydrogen safe.
  • It enables Hydrogen in the event of a leak, to be immediately neutralised in a micro second.
  • When activated Hydrogen is converted into a harmless non flammable, non explosive liquid.
  • Audible and Visual safety warning systems are automatically enabled in the event of a leak. Safe auto shut down of the Hydrogen Generator System.
  • Solviro’s unique IP enables Hydrogen Generators to be used safely within Vehicles and buildings, both residential or commercial.

Interesting Facts

  • Petrol and Diesel Burn at flame point 2100 C releasing only 40% of their stored energy.
  • Natural Gas has additives to make it smell and can be seen by the naked eye when burning at flame point 1950 C.
  • Hydrogen is the lightest chemical element in the universe. This does not allow for chemical additives, unable to create a safety smell as undertaken in natural gas, alternative safety solutions vital.
  • 1 Litre of Water contains over 1100 litres of Hydrogen Gas, Hydrogen Generator produces 1.1 litres per minute.
  • When combusted, Hydrogen converts back to Water as a base emission.
  • Hydrogen Generator can run non stop without need to change the filter for up to 6 months.
  • Hydrogen burns invisible to the eye and when with oxygen at flame point 3200 C releasing 80% of its energy.
  • Hydrogen expands 850 times in volume from a liquid to a Gas when heated above -29 C, but can be compressed 825 times to maintain storage in a gaseous state.
  • Hydrogen Generator can be manually topped up or auto fed via a water tank or connected to mains water supply.
  • Hydrogen when used as an added fuel to petrol or diesel in vehicles, can immediately reduce emissions by 80%.
  • Hydrogen when used as an added fuel to petrol or diesel in vehicles, can increase fuel economy by 200%.